Cincinnati’s Lost Year: How the Pandemic is Effecting our First Responders

Back in October, I had a request to talk to Craig Cheetum from Channel 9 News here in Cincinnati about what I was seeing from my first responder clients in regards to the pandemic, and to some degree, the racial unrest that we were seeing across the country.
I spoke with Mr. Cheetum over the phone and then he requested I speak with him via Zoom for a more formal interview. I agreed. I want YOUR stories to get out there, with confidentiality in tact of course.
Keep in mind, my experience doesn’t represent the feelings of all first responders. Many are not having the experience of those I’ve heard talk in my office. And not all of my clients have a homogenous perspective. But as a clinician, my concern goes to those who are experiencing the most negative impact and share that perspective so our communities understand what a first responder they encounter may be dealing with. My goal was for those of us civilians or laypeople, be kind to our first responders when we are interacting because we don’t know what they’ve endured in this pandemic.
Here is the online clip of the news story:
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