We Need Fire Now

As social workers, we commit not only our professional careers, but our lives to core values and ethics, some of those include service, social justice, dignity and worth of the individual, the importance and centrality of human relationships, integrity and competence.
We are committed to these core values for all; for those in our communities and across the globe, and for those sitting in our offices who are doing the har d labor of change. The rage, sadness and exhaustion is palpable right now. It is impacting our friends, family, and our clients. We want to be clear, I want to be clear, where we stand as social workers, as practitioners, and as members of the global community.
We are blessed to be professionals who fight for social justice. We recognize for too long, too many been oppressed, silenced, marginalized, targeted and yes, murdered for the color of their skin.
And we stand with you, grieving and looking for a new day where people like George Floyd, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, and on and on and on, can live their lives without fear that their live will be taken or valued less because of the color of their skin. AND.
And we are blessed to be therapists to the law enforcement, fire, emergency medical, and military service community. We understand the toll the work takes on you. We know firsthand the goodness in many of your hearts to serve. We see you when you decry unnecessary violence and force of your peers. We know your desire to go home safely to your family.
We ALL just want to get safely home to our people at the end of the day. And spouses, we see you. We see you waiting, fearful, angry, saddened at how you and your children are in the crossfires of all this too.
So to be clear, at Whole House, we stand for competent service, centralize human relationships, being integrous, and seeing the dignity in each and every individual. Today, we stand with black men and women who are tired of their oppression and murder. We stand with first responders who are tired of seeing their peers and colleagues do unethical things with a blatant disregard of integrity or the value and dignity of each and every individual, regardless of skin color. We’re here. Standing in solidarity with you.
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