Whole House exists to help First
Responders receive transformative
therapy and other vital services from people who get their
unique challenges and culture.



Our Manifesto

  • We believe mental and physical health are not separate; that all wellness occurs in the whole body and the whole body must be considered in the treatment and recovery process.
  • We believe all persons deserve equal access to quality mental health care, regardless of sex, race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, or political affiliation.
  • We believe our first responders deserve, and benefit most from, culturally competent care from providers who understand their occupational experiences and are able to incorporate that knowledge into a client’s care.
  • We believe that affordable mental health services should be accessible to all. We strive to be an affordable service for our first responder community.
  • We believe in reducing the stigma of mental health care to ensure that all who need support and treatment, are free to access it, without worry of perception or an unecessary questioning of their fitness for duty.
  • We believe that mentally healthy first responders create safer communities for all.
    • We believe that seeking help, support, or treatment doesn’t mean that something is “wrong.” It means that you are having a universal human experience in that there will likely always be a point in someone’s life where they can benefit from a skilled, knowledgeable, and unbiased professional support system.
  • We believe each client we serve deserves a high quality care team made up of collaborating professionals to ensure the “whole person” consideration and referrals to complementary services are available.
  • “Cinnamon understands the mental health strain on first responders and the complexities that come along with the job. As a police officer, she has helped me navigate both personal and professional aspects of my life.”

    K.J. , Ohio Police Officer

    How We Started

    Whole House Counseling & Consultation was founded when Cinnamon Reiheld spent eight months serving a local fire department following a line of duty death. While providing counseling and emotional support, she quickly realized that the need for culturally competent mental health care for first responders extended beyond this one tragic event.
    In addition to individual counseling and trauma recovery, Cinnamon saw the need to train departments and help team members support one another by understanding the inevitable effects of stress on the mind and body.
    One of our top priorities is eliminating the stigma around seeking mental health treatment, while giving departments the tools to function well both internally and for our communities.

    Our Team

    Cinnamon S. Reiheld

    MA, MSW, LISW-S, LICDC, CCTP Certified Master ART Clinician

    Cinnamon began her career in trauma and mental health in 1998 when she worked as an Americorp volunteer resettling war refugees from Eastern Europe in their new home of Washington D.C. From there, her desire to understand and reduce the impact of traumatic events has only grown. Cinnamon holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Toledo in both Sociology and Women’s Studies, and two Master’s degrees from The Ohio State University: one in Social Work and the other in Women’s Studies. Cinnamon has taught courses at The Ohio State University and Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago.
    In the past twenty plus years, Cinnamon has had a variety of work experiences that afforded her the opportunity to develop areas of expertise and provide effective, results-driven services and education to individuals, groups, communities and organizations.
    First Responder Work
    Cinnamon has chosen to specialize in providing behavioral health services to first responders. She serves those in the fire service, emergency medicine, law enforcement, military, and emergency communication departments across Ohio and the Tristate area. She has been trained by New York’s “bravest” in Psychological First-Aid, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation-endorsed intervention of TF-CBT, in both ART and EMDR therapies, is certified as a Clinical Trauma Professional.
    She has been recognized for her service by the International Association of Fire Fighters- the organization with which she holds her peer support certification. She is certified in individual and group critical incident stress management (CISM) by ICISF. Cinnamon has built multiple collaborative relationships and serves as both clinical support to numerous first responder peer teams and facilitates area department’s First Responder Wellness Programs as a consultant.
    A Central Ohio native, Cinnamon resides in Loveland with her husband Ed, and their dog, Ben.

    Erin Maccabee

    Integration Coach, CDCA, Podcast Co-Host

    Erin is an Integration Coach, a Chemical Dependency Counselor, and a highly sought out mentor in the recovery community. Erin masterfully blends her “we get sh*t done” attitude with a full dose of maternal compassion.

    Erin’s personal life intertwined over the course of at least a decade with both law enforcement and those in Fire/EMS. In 2011, her life changed forever after her partner, a firefighter, was found deceased from what appeared to be the consequence of substance misuse. Erin has turned this tragedy into her purpose creating a mission to support the behavioral health of first responders. Erin’s training and personal life experience give her an edge when providing substance abuse counseling to first responders; understanding what it can look like both at home, at work, and in a therapy session. She also provides integration coaching for those who have moved through the trauma recovery stage and desire to make changes in their life reflective of their newfound freedom. Her support guides our clients in creating the fulfilling and inspired lives they desire.

    Erin is also the Co-Host of After the Tones Drop, the first responder mental health podcast that combines first hand experience of those in the “arena” as well as the wisdom and knowledge of experienced clinicians. 

    She resides in Hilliard, OH with her husband Rob, their two children, and their silver goldendoodle, Mario.  


    Schedule an Individual Assessment with a
    Therapist or Coach and See What’s Possible.

    Schedule an Individual Assessment with a Therapist or Coach and See What’s Possible.

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