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Having a life that truly works and feels fulfilling usually doesn’t happen by accident.

We can help you design yours.

What’s the point of becoming emotionally healthy if not to actually enjoy your life?

Once our clients begin to heal and get a handle on the emotions and behaviors that are no longer serving them, many choose to pursue our coaching services. Why? Because they want to continue to build upon the progress they have made and go from surviving to thriving.


If we think about therapy as mental strength & fitness training, we can think about coaching as what comes next after you’re somewhat “in shape” and ready to excel in particular areas of life.

Coaching is getting into action. Coaching is the guidance to create the life you want with a no-BS outside perspective and accountability.

How coaching is different from therapy.

How to know if you’re ready for coaching.

“I feel the most confident I’ve felt in my life since Erin and I started working together.”

Mike O.

Coaching Client

Coaching FAQs

Both coaches and therapists offer a support system to help gain strength and clarity to move forward. Coaching deals with the present and takes a forward-thinking approach to set and achieve goals.

Therapists are often helping address past trauma. Coaching is action-oriented while therapists are more coping and healing orientated.

All types of people can benefit from a coach at some time in their life. However, there are some common characteristics of people who have a coach; a deep desire for change, a need for direction and focus in achieving their goals.

Research has shown that people who have a coach remain more focused and gain quicker results with the support and guidance of a coach.

Each of the sessions are built upon the previous coaching session ensuring a clear path to the outcomes decided upon.

During each session, a review of the actions and achievements from the last session will occur. In addition a detailed summary will be made acknowledging progress made.

We’ll look at your present position in relation to goals as well as any obstacles that may need overcoming.

Coaching sessions are approximately 60 minutes. Coaching sessions can be weekly, or bi-weekly depending on the depth of the goals the client is wanting to achieve.

A recommendation is that a client commit to a year of coaching to achieve the maximum results and no less than 6 months. It takes time to establish new routines and abate old patterns.

Coaching is self-investment. Having a coach is having someone who has the client’s best interests at heart. A coach will guide in a nonjudgmental, supportive, and encouraging way.

Coaches help keep focus on where the client wants to be, as well as motivate them in moving forward.

Having coaching will help uncover hidden beliefs that can sabotage growth and success.


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